Educator and artist who calls Gainesville, Florida home. I am deeply committed to inspiring students to think critically about the complexity and interconnectedness of our world; encouraging them to reflect on how their unique giftings and ways of understanding can contribute to a thriving society. To that end I love working as an academic advisor and working with students across a number of disciplines. 

My artistic interests include social ritual within group interactions, historical styles as artistic strategy, and the continued role of representational painting in visual discourse. Everyday objects and interactions are cause for consideration and celebration. The shape and arrangement of a table, the tone and candor of a conversation, or the scale and placement of an apartment complex all work together to bring meaning to a place and encourage community. It is for this reason that I care about our built environment, advocating for equity and inclusiveness at city planning meetings, through opinion pieces and serving in local preservation orgs.

In the studio I bring these various interests together in a concrete form that appeals to both my visual and tactile senses while at the same time providing space for reflection.


French All The Seams

I also have an awesome wife that is an amazing artist and designer. So glad to be her partner as she contributes her unique voice to the downtown community. Incredibly grateful to all the friends and local business owners who are committed to Gainesville.