My goal is to help students communicate and contribute to their community by encouraging reflection about their interests and giftings. Through conversations, assignments and readings I seek to equip students with the necessary tools and skill sets to take on creative challenges and address contemporary problems.

Working with first year and exploratory students is my greatest joy. I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of subject matters across a number of different disciplines and have sought to implement critical thinking skills, collaboration and experiential learning. In the past I have had the opportunity to teach Intro Art History courses, Drawing 1 courses, Professional Development for Engineers and as a teaching assistant for What is the Good Life which inspired me to go into advising. I have also served for over 8 years as a Preview Advisor helping students choose their major and get settled into college.

Currently I direct EGS1006: Introduction to Engineering and the UF in Lille: Engineering and Arts in France where I teach an Engineering Art Sketchbook class.  I have always seen advising as teaching and have sought to implement the latest educational practices such as helping build out a flipped advising program and presenting internationally on its benefits and implementation.


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